We created the Natura Day® and Eversen® fragrance lines in 1999 to meet the increasing demand for products with controlled origin and quality.

Drawing on our experience in the choice of raw materials, we carefully select the ingredients that must comply, in particular, with Swiss, International and European IFRA standards and ensure that we meet the requirements guaranteeing that quality is respected and maintained.

Our Swiss creators study the formulas, design the products and scrupulously monitor the entire process through to the sale of each product.  

Constantly concerned that working conditions should be decent and the environment should be respected, we are committed to offering and continuing to offer products manufactured only in Europe, mainly Italy, in an artisanal way.

These products result from the exclusive combination of famous “Swiss Quality” and unrivalled “Italian Design”. Two-fold mastery and two-fold know-how for a top quality product and presentation.

We have chosen to keep production in Europe in order to continue to fulfil our first duty of guaranteeing quality, controlled origin and respect for both people and the environment.

So that we can do this, we ensure that our products comply with the following requirements:

  • Quality of the ingredients is certified and verifiable and conforms to Swiss and European standards.
  • Complete control of the process from production right up to sale.
  • Production area is close to the sales area in order to have a lesser impact on the environment.
  • Excess packaging is reduced to a minimum.
  • Support the Swiss and European economies, including local producers and entrepreneurs.
  • Know-how of the producers is valued and encouraged.
  • Guarantee fair working conditions.
  • Not tested on animals Products. 

Natura Day® and Eversen® are the trademark of competence in traditional and innovative perfumed products for fragrances that accompany you and give you pleasure every day.